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Who Are We?


ASInstitute® seeks to improve the skills and extend the capabilities of the managers responsible for running institutions engaged in the provision of health care.


1/ Access:  learning that is accessible to everyone.
ASInstitute® voluntarily meets the educational requirements of university and/or professional training. Practitioners and students can, therefore, benefit from free access to training which is compatible with the framework of the  formal studies in their country .  ASInstitute® offers loans to those who cannot, for the moment, afford any expenditure on training.

2/ Independence from public or private interests.
ASInstitute® is not linked, directly or indirectly, to any public or private organization. The courses that are given are aimed exclusively at the promotion of values explained hereafter.

3/ Explicit promotion of values in the management of health care services.

  • safety of patients and health care personnel,
  • quality and efficiency of  care,
  • answer to social needs,
  • equitable and sustainable financing.

4/ Requirement of quality combining the three factors of good management:

  • understanding the elementary concepts of management,
  • development of a critical, pragmatic, and action oriented mind,
  • capability to implement the best practices.


The training uses unique multimedia content exclusively developed by the ASInstitute® .

It is distributed on a self-training platform that includes:

  • courses and educational materials,
  • hypertext links to  documents on the Internet,
  • a messenger service for group work with the trainers,
  • live dialogue sessions through the Internet on the principal themes  of the training.

For each theme, the multimedia training consists of:

  • a demonstration, with the help of multimedia tools, of the theoretical bases and issues,
  • a situation analysis that you will encounter in your professional life.
  • implementation specific to health care facilities,
  • examples,
  • a bibliography,
  • a self-evaluation in the form of exercises, games and  questions,
  • organization of the sharing of information between managers.

Our team

Our team consists of 5 managers grouped around Dr Alain Sommer who share the same values and have worked together since 1998 while teaching a course in Paris .