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The Certificate of Specialization is a training series in management operations, costs and financing of health care organizations organized by the Chair of Management of Health Services of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metier. (Code CS20).

This training is carried out through distance learning in 24 months.   The length of the training can be adapted to your needs.

The 5 themes treated are the following:

  • Costs (their calculation, their use and their management),

  • Break even point and break even analysis,

  • Financial analysis and financial policy

  • Investment decision making

  • Management Control (its objectives, its organization and its tools),

Some points

This training is compatible with working full-time.

It permits participants to master the theoretical bases and techniques of operational management and finance of health care facilities.

While remaining accessible to all, it leads to an acquisition of a solid theoretical base in finance, in management controls and in management accounting.

The use of a multimedia support along with graphics facilitates the assimilation of concepts.

The training in the Certificate of Specialization uses an auto training platform of ASInstitute® which you can test on the site.

The participants in the Certificate program communicate through email and the chatroom of the self training platform (e-learning).

They participate in telephone conferences and, if they want to travel, they attend quarterly meetings organized by ASInstitute®

The different types of tests, with autocorrection, permits participants to quickly evaluate their degree of comprehension.

The Certificate is validated by a series of examinations taken on the premises of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers on the totality of themes covered during the training.