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Teaching Method

Our Teaching Method

We believe that all the team members of a health care facility can benefit from the basic knowledge of management provided they receive adequate support and work sufficiently hard.

All ASInstitute® participants must understand and learn how to do things at their own pace, while maintaining a critical mindset.

For this,  ASInstitute® has developed an educational method based on 4 pillars:

  • The course is adapted to the level of knowledge declared by the participant himself. He (she) can pursue the training, whatever is his/her educational background.  The healthcare assistant and the financial director can accede to the same level of knowledge, even though they have different educational trajectory.
  • All training begins at an elementary level of comprehension. The basic concepts are taught including their origins, their advantages and limits . Access to technical knowledge occurs step by step. 

    The mastery over concepts is regularly tested through questions and exercises throughout the course.

  • The self-evaluation services are diverse and thorough and they ensure that the different objectives of the training are met. The use of a question database allows the renewal of questions and avoids repetition.

  • ASInstitute® gives you the opportunity to develop your critical faculty and your pragmatism.   Over and above a theoretical content, the ASInstitute® method proposes case studies in order to encourage you to act, to implement the tools relevant for making a decision, to develop scenarios in order to argue and rationalize your decisions, etc.

This apprenticeship with tools in real situations allows you to access them and to use them in your daily practice as a professional.

The ASInstitute® teaching method allows you to become the master of your own training and moreover, thanks to self-evaluation exercises, you can evaluate your progress and measure your knowledge.

Each participant trains at his own pace. There is no time constraint which may prevent the complete assimilation of concepts and the mastery of tools. Final evaluation can be done at any time.


There are 4 types of exercises in self-evaluation:

  • multiple choice questionnaires that enable you to retrieve, in a different way, the different aspects of the courses,
  • drag and drop exercises which allow you to review the schemes of each elementary explanation,
  • exercises  in calculation in order to review the elementary operations,
  • various exercises in the verification of knowledge.

The participants can perform self-evaluations, measure their progress and adjust their programs accordingly, thanks to the exercises that we provide.

In addition to the self-evaluation exercises, there are case studies that allow you to integrate the knowledge acquired into your professional practice.

The degrees

The Certificate of Specialization is a degree approved by the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, a major University in France.

The different Training Sessions can be used to validate the Certificate of Specialization, the modules being a part of the program of this Certificate.

Post-training follow up

Every registration gives you the right to access the forum and online documents for 6 months following the evaluation of the module and the validation of the training.

In this way, the ASInstitute® team commits itself to answering the post-training questions of its participants in order to ensure the integration of knowledge and the implementation within their professional practice.


The ASInstitute® training is not aimed at being comprehensive: it is centered on health services and has an operational focus.

It includes the necessary documents, attached to each module.  
For those who desire to know more, a bibliography with a commentary indicates the reference works on finance, management control and management accounting, etc.

The prerequisites

Bachelor of Arts minimum, Masters Degree, engineering school degree, Doctor of Medicine, pharmacy diploma, or diploma in surgery, dentist, registered nurse and any health care workers with a BA.

An elementary knowledge of accounting such as understanding a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement is necessary.

The training in « Elementary concepts of finance », « Calculating the costs » and « The tools of management control » require no technical prerequisite other than the basics of accounting mentioned above.

The management concepts are progressively explained within the framework of the training given by ASInstitute® . It is, therefore, not necessary to master them beforehand.

The trainings in « Financial analysis » and in « Financial policy » require a thorough knowledge of the elementary concepts of finance.

Similarly, « Cost management » requires a thorough knowledge of the techniques of calculating costs.

Training in « The use of management controls » presupposes a thorough knowledge of the technique of management control tools.

A thorough knowledge of the tools of management (tables, indices, ratios…) is not a prerequisite since ASInstitute® will teach you the utilization, the tricks, the traps and the methods of interpreting these instruments.