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Here you can find all the answers concerning the Certificate of Specialization.

Certificate of Specialization

When can you register for the Certificate of Specialization?

You can register for the Specialization Certificate throughout the year.
Participation in groups is not mandatory and can be done in the order that best suits you.
Certification can take place when it is to your best advantage.

Can one capitalize on the training sessions for the Certificate of Specialization?

You can take advantage of the training sessions over a period of three years in order to obtain the Certificate of Specialization.

What is the length of the Training Certificate that includes 5 training sessions ?

Normally, the Training Certificate is completed in one year. But it is possible to complete it in a longer period. You can begin a series of sessions with a group in the beginning of a trimester.

What is the advantage of obtaining the Certificate of Specialization over a simple training session?

The Certificate of Specialization is designed for administrators who are building careers in a health care facility and who desire to master all aspects of cost control and finance in a health care facility.

Do you have to know accounting in order to pursue the Certificate of Specialization?

In principal, an elementary knowledge of accounting is necessary in order to pursue the Certificate of Specialization.

Nevertheless, this knowledge can be obtained in an easy training of 10 hours on an e-learning course.

Can you take the Certificate of Specialization several times?

You can take advantage of the training sessions for a period of three years in order to obtain the Certificate of Specialization.

Can you register for preferential fees?

ASInstitute® offers loans to those who are not in an organization and who wish to acquire training in the framework of professional training.

These loans are made available to any person who cannot for one reason or another avail himself of legal professional training.

Use the contact form for more information.

Evaluation of the training

At the end of each training, ASInstitute® conducts an evaluation by the participants in the framework of a permanent evaluation of the quality of its performance.  The summarization of these evaluations will be addressed to the Training Department of the participant’s organization in the month following the session.  This summarization will form the criteria for the evaluation of the training.


Why I choose ASInstitute® ?

ASInstitute® is known for the effectiveness of its training and the effectiveness of its teaching method.

1/ Effectiveness of the training.  For example, a participant who follows the ASInstitute® training on costs will acquire the necessary knowledge to confront different situations that he is likely to encounter.  There will be no set recipes to apply to the latest circular of cost calculations, but rather, he must understand his situation and respond accordingly.  Since he will have acquired a complete theoretical base, he will be able to face different situations.

2/Effectiveness of the teaching method:  Through multiple types of exercises (questions, calculations, games) and with the capability of interacting over a long period, the participant will succeed in mastering the field of costs.  For example, a participant studying financial analysis of a health care facility will end up understanding and interpreting financial tables in multiplying the approximate axes of a financial table.

Is ASInstitute® an accredited training institution?

ASInstitute® is an accredited training institution in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Can one find this type of training elsewhere?

There are a number of organizations offering training in finance and management.  There are no training organizations on line offering the same services.  ASInstitute® aims to offer high level training in hospital management to students and professionals wherever they are and without having to travel.

Who should contact ASInstitute® ?

Any one who wants to acquire a deep and practical understanding of cost management, finances and control in health services may be interested in the ASInstitute® trainings.

ASInstitute® is aimed at the director of the facility, the finance director, the hospital manager, the doctor, the nurse, the pharmacist, the physical therapist…in a word, to anyone in the health care field who wants to manage seriously.

What is the tie between ASInstitute® and the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers?

The trainings and courses that ASInstitute have been delivered since 1998 in Paris in the framework of the Chair of Management of Health Services of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in Paris by Dr. Alain Sommer. The Certificate of Specialization is conferred by the   Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers using the pedogic support of ASInstitute.


What are the advantages of on line training to the participant?

You can work without interrupting your occupation; on line training does not normally take place over the course of one unique session outside of your place of business.
You can learn at your own pace.  You are not forced to follow a pace imposed by others.  You can revisit points you do not understand whenever you want to.
You work with the other participants using the interactive discussion sessions or by email.
You can ask questions of your instructor and have written, structured responses.
You can go into the subjects in further detail.  You can take the time to acquire a good understanding of the subject.  Fixed formula solutions offered in other courses are not sufficient because they do not permit analysis of all the situations the administrator may encounter in the course of his duties.
You are obliged to acquire a certain degree of knowledge.  The fact of having to respond to a battery of questions inevitably obliges you to acquire a certain level of knowledge.   You cannot have a minimum of knowledge and succeed in making important evaluations.

Training Implementation

What tools do I need to follow the ASInstitute® training?

The training relies on the principle of e-learning, which assumes the following on the part of the participant:

  • to have internet access at home ( or at the place of business, if the participant is authorized by his employer to use the computer equipment for his own training);
  • the use of a personal internet address to be able to communicate with trainers and other participants;
  • to be able to send, receive and access email with attachments, by means of an electronic software program (Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird) or a “webmail” (Yahoo Mail, Google, Mail, Hotmail…);

Do the trainings have to be always connected to the Internet?

The training support can be downloaded on your computer.Training support can also be printed.  But it is necessary to be connected:

  • to perform the exercises and evaluations,
  • to connect to email,
  • to participate in on line discussions.

Is it absolutely necessary to have the Internet to access the ASInstitute® trainings? ?

Yes, an internet connection of at least minimum strength is necessary in order to follow the ASInstitute® trainings.

Even if certain documents can be downloaded, exercises and tests are done exclusively on the site in order to follow your progress.

Can you manage without the Internet to follow a ASInstitute® training?

No, because the ASInstitute® trainings are based on interactivity and exchanges.  The material taught is complex and state of the art.
They are most easily assimilated by games and interactive tools.  Reasoning alone does not work and must be accompanied by illustrations.

The exercises should be able to be understood by an immediate response.