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Management Leadership

Leadership in the management control of a health care facility


As manager of a department or of finance, you must go beyond the simple allocation of resources and administrative control in order to mobilize your teams to achieve ambitious objectives. You must show the way as well as supply the means and convince others in order to offer the best care at optimal rates.

Leadership in the management control of a health care facility is very difficult: the logic of cost quickly finds its limits and the cultural differences between different groups involved in health care facilities are very pronounced. You must show proof of a training based on rigorous demonstrations in order to convince.

Thus, you must design and practice effective management control, which serves the patients, your teams and your facility.


To learn how to design, implement and run the management control of a health care facility.

At the end of the training, the participant will know how to answer the following questions:

  • How to raise, express and monitor the main issues of my facility?
  • Which objectives are served by the coordination of management control of my facility?
  • How to design a management cycle that is adapted to the needs of my facility?
  • Which tools comprise the management cycle?
  • What divisions of roles, responsibilities and organization to adopt?
  • How to organize the management cycle?


  • The roles of the controller
  • The main situations faced
  • The presuppositions of management control
  • The possible solutions
  • The techniques of management control
  • The blue print
  • The management cycle
  • The tools of management cycle